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Poster Design

Reinforce their competitive advantage to thousands of consumers.

The poster is a marketing tool, ideal to communicate the positioning or message of your brand in very busy places. Using it you can advertise your competitive advantage, offers, products' characteristics and the summarized information of your company. It can also be used to announce a concert, a theatre work, a musical group or a film, etc. The message is always unique and directed to a specific public.

Different from other brand materials, the poster must be able to get the attention quickly and immediately. To achieve this, the final composition must have the necessary visual and textual impact for the interest of its target market.

A good poster is simple and direct. It must have a good balance of all the graphics, photographic, textual, etc. Elements and they have to be ordered and presented in a clear way. What is the most important, a very artistic poster or a poster where you will also present your competitive advantage and message in a clear way?

Here you have some suggestions for your next poster to be successful:

  •           Focus your goals: keep focused in what you actually want to communicate. When you write, do it concentrating in your target market.
  •           Say the things you have to in a simple way: take off all the irrelevant aspects, the shorter will be the better!
  •           Look after the legibility of the text and the graphics: they must be big enough and have a legible typography to be read from a range distance. The colors, backgrounds, images, etc. they all must contribute with the message transmission.

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