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Brochure Design - Tri-fold Design Concepts

Establish your brand differentiation in the minds of potential customers.


One of the most valuable instruments of a trade is with no doubt the brochure. These are excellent to establish and to reinforce the positioning in their potential consumers.

You can use it while you communicate its benefits, products, your company, a service or an idea, at the same time reinforcing the competitive angle of your trade.

A brochure must transmit the competitive idea of the trade in a clear and punctual way. This is vital for your trade. About the format, this can vary in function of your needs and objectives. The most common ones are the two fold brochure, which consists of 4 sides and the three fold brochure, which consists of 6 sides.

Now, to get a well done job, before the design, it is necessary to take some considerations:

  • Define your objectives: The best is to start answering these two basic questions: What do you really want to communicate to your specific public? What do you want to get from this communication? The answers to these questions are the direction for the whole information in the brochure.
  • Establish the content: To be clear in this point it is important that you know your target public. This will help you in the correct direction of the information. The best is to write in a very personal way, directly and in a very interesting way (e.g. as giving the news). Concentrate in the main ideas of your texts and express them in a clear and punctual way.

After determining these important points we can start with the creation of the brochure. No matter what kind of brochure you need, Justgraph will help you to create your brochure according your objectives and the best competitive advantages.

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