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Corporate stationery design (Letterhead and Envelopes design)

Establish and strengthen its position with a excellent image

Your brand is the most valuable active of your business. When talking about corporate stationery we refer to one of the trade supports that can contain your company literature and also establishes and strengthen your positioning.

The strong points in the corporative stationery (letterhead paper and envelop) include that it should be achievable, as it is not so expensive to have one designed professionally; and the versatility to adapt to the different needs of your company. For instance, you can use your letterhead paper to distribute useful information to your clients inside your presentation folder, for instance a price list, specifications, materials presentations, products, etc.  

A professional design of corporate stationery includes the next characteristics:

  • Legibility: All your brand elements and contact information (logo, name, situation, e-mail, telephone numbers, addresses, web site and others) must be readable; this includes an adequate color size in typography.
  • Accuracy: Update your cards when you make changes in your relevant information, for instance new addresses, telephone numbers, Website, etc. You can miss many business opportunities if you don't pay attention to this. You cannot only miss a business contact but also credibility.
  • Differentiation: Show your slogan in a visible place in all your stationery. You can also briefly describe your competitive advantages, that to say the reason why people should choose your company. Also try to use as possible the corporate colors of your brand in a very visible way.
  • Presentation: An adequate, elegant and professional design makes your corporative stationery more memorable.

Now it is possible to obtain a professional stationery design in a very low price. The brand materials Justgraph develops guarantee the right direction your brand needs. Discover the advantages why you should prefer Justgraph in your next project for corporate stationery. More information.

Simple and fast process

The steps to acquire any project in Justgraph are simple, starting in the online ordering process, until the moment of receiving your project ready to be implemented. More information.

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