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Price: $ 69

Why should you choose Justgraph for your logo design?

The brand is the most important aspect of your company. When creating the logo which will represent your brand, or when re-defining your identity, it is very important that you choose an integral stuff for the branding. You don't only need a creative design but to know the branding principles: try to establish a differentiation idea in the mind of your potential clients.

Our integral staff is composed by experimented strategists in marketing and very outstanding graphics designers for identity graphics.

Below we will show you the most outstanding aspects of our differentiation:

● Experience and knowledge: a different focus in logos design.

We work our solutions of visual identity from a different point of view: the most important aspect is the name of your brand and your logo must clearly communicate your brand.

To achieve our objective we use a simple focus in all of our solutions. A legible visual identity is the most important aspect to be considered when defining your logo. After all, it is what your brand needs for positioning in the mind your potential consumers.

Too much information in a design makes it so complex to assimilate. That's why it should be simple, in this way it becomes memorable. This is our angular difference with other companies which don't count on knowledge about the topic.

Our integral stuff leaded bye the high direction of Justgraph will work to create your logo fitting it to its competitive differentiation.

Other companies show hundreds of logos in their portfolios, however, most of them are mediocre designs.

We are not expensive: a price of $69 is within everybody's reach.

Our medium is the web, and as the internet is the way of reaching everybody, we have democratized our unique price for logos design.

Why $99? We believe that it is possible to make businesses being ethical. All of our products are taken separately. We never try to sell more products or services than the one your really need. In case the client needs another product, it will be added as a separate product to the cart. We believe that you are capable of deciding yourself what you want or what you don't want to buy.

We believe as well that the design of a professional design doesn't have to create too much complexity nor a group of different "packages" which only creates confusion and indecision among the clients. It must be a simple process.

We consider that all of our products may be acquired for less money than most of the other companies.

We work fast: we deliver 3 initial concepts in just 3 days.

We know that the time is valuable for you and your business. You want fast solutions. This is why our delivering time, from the day you made your order, is 3 days including 3 initial concepts.

To achieve this period, Justgraph counts on a staff of various members in its staff working in its offices. Also we count on a great number of talented professionals who are associated to us and who do outsourcing for us.

Even we work with outsourcing, mainly with graphics designers, all the responsibility for the right direction of each project is made in our offices. We look after the quality of our job taking into account the function of our clients.

Many companies require much more time, or even worst, they make irresponsible offers like "delivering in 24 hours". This says a lot of them and the null time they employ to revise their objectives and the competence.

● Unlimited revisions without additional costs.

You can make the revisions you consider necessary until the concept you chose for your logo fits exactly to your objectives. This won't have any additional cost.

We suggest you to give us the most precise information in the briefing so our solutions are more exact too.

Other companies ask for additional money when the client asks for a revision, or they are limited to certain kind of "packages".



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