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Logo Design | Corporate identity design

We design logos that respond to the focus that your brand needs.

The "Logos" as a way of representing a text or a sign have been with us for a long time ago. For instance, many antique crafters and sword and decoration objects makers already used a mark for showing their authorship.

No doubt the visual identity -that's to say the logo - "expresses" visually the essence of a business; it "captures" all the vision of a company and "communicates" a brand in many formats (corporative stationery, web site, packaging, promotion material, etc.)

Nowadays in this hyper-communicated world, where the competition is merciless, the starting point of a successful positioning is to create a brand with a clear strategy. An "adequate" logo will help in this.

When we talk about the brand strategy, there are some principles which you have to take into account when defining your logo:

  • The "name" is the true value of the brand and the one which makes sense to the visual identity (logo). It is never the opposite. To know that the power of a brand is in its name and that the visual identity just symbolizes that value, means to be aware about this branding principle.
  • "Legibility" is most important aspect to be considered when defining the shape of the logo. To achieve such a clear and simple grade chose a rectangular format because in this way it will be easier to be caught by both eyes. Avoid as possible (except when necessary) to use very vertical or horizontal typography as they are not so legible for most of the people.
  • Another important element for identifying a brand is the "color": If it is possible try to chose a color which is always different from the color of your competitors. After all, a singular color will help you to be different from the rest of your competition.

In short, when choosing a logo be sure it is legible and take into account that the typography and color are the most important aspects. This will exactly help you in your brand positioning.

Now it is possible to obtain a professional design identity in very affordable prices. We design logos that respond to the focus that your brand needs. Discover the advantages Justgraph offers to design your identity brand. More information.

Simple and fast process

We have simplified our Web platform and working methodology, which streamlines the entire process and to help you save money and valuable time for you. More information.

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